All about Love


Every bag has its story surrounding with the topic of “LOVE”.

To remind people of the topic of “LOVE”.


CANDY CANNY has her mission on being a brand which is to enlighten lives with love and passion.


CANDY CANNY has her vision not only being an internationally well-known designer brand

but to use CANDY CANNY to help people to chase for their dreams and what they LOVE.




Our Action


CANDY CANNY is working on project on using our fans’ dream and love fighting story to encourage others.


CANDY CANNY would like to use her power to help those grass-root children on changing their fate with free education, so we are building a strong tutor team in 5 years.



We Promise...


All bags are originally designed with details

All bags are in genuine cow leather

All bags are manufactured in factories which also helping luxury brands producing products

All bags in high-quality check on the manufacturer, leather factories, gold ware factories