Story Behind - WANDERING the Backpack

It is the wandering day for little mermaid since she has traded her voice into feet.

The land is a complicated world, it is difficult to figure out lingering and alienating human relationship.

Little mermaid walks on the alley, “I cannot feel a thing even when I have traded my voice.”

No, she cannot feel a thing, the prince has already abandoned her but she did not turn into foam at the same time.

Isn’t the curse stated that she would be transformed into bubbles once she was rejected by the prince?

She cannot bear to force herself into sensation again.

So she decides to wander around this land, to see where the love is.

Little mermaid puts on her favorite backpack with her beloved treasured stuff, she keeps on wandering in her new journey.

“There is a voice in my heart telling me I am loved, where is the voice?”

Wandering around must be her beautiful outset in the path of seeking the voice of love.