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Oh my goddess Collection -Miss Kate

Inspired by the British Royal Queen – Diana

OH MY GODDESS collection - Miss Diana

- exploration collection -

Do you realize that you are the princess in the castle?

Living in the place where no one have ever fight the monster or break through brambles and thorns just to get in your wonderland.

You admire every setting sun, magical skies, and twinkle stars, as they speak to you, you find out that somewhere out of the castle is calling you.

Yes, they are calling you in the most tender voice.

You ask yourself: Should you leave the castle so as to meet the uncharted?

You may need to overcome horrible swamp, the unknown, loneliness, you have to fight by your own, there is no prince charming involved.

“I am more than the sum of every low and high, I need to know who I am,” the princess tells herself.

You are determined, you take off the heavy sophisticated dress, you take on this journey of hills and valleys.

The journey of real love is waiting for you.

Wandering around is the beautiful outset in the path of exploring the voice of love

EXPLORATION Collection - Wandering

finding the map for your destination of love and your identity

EXPLORATION Collection - Mapping

We are a loving fashion brand

Starting from the love towards leather, extending to a diameter of series of products.

With hard work and detail-minded, with endless ambition towards perfection, that, we aim and hope to draw a circle of love and confidence, as usual as our daily virtue.

It’s a perpetual loving vibe, with every little thing in life, like every little stitch on our product, is made up of love.

Just breath, love and stay tuned with CandyCanny.

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